Strategies for Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Are you looking for ways to save energy and save money on household energy bills?  There is a mountain of information from nearly every major media outlet touting the purchase of products to make your home more energy efficient and same money on energy and utility bills in the process. This can be over whelming. There are simple strategies you can take without spending a bundle on products. Follow these basic recommendations from the home energy experts and you’ll soon be saving energy and money.

  • Check the seals on all of your windows on the interior and exterior. It’s often a simple solution to apply new weather stripping at the close of the window and fresh caulk to the sills and window frames to keep warm and cool air from escaping.
  • No doubt you have many appliances in your home with LCD screens. While this may appear to be a minor use of energy, keeping these small appliances plugged in continuously drains energy. This is especially the case for larger appliances that are only used seasonally. Consider unplugging your second garage or basement refrigerator if it is only used seasonally.
  • For every degree the thermostat is turned down in the winter, a substantial amount of energy can be saved. Put on a sweater or enjoy an extra blanket at night and lower your thermostat. The same process can be applied in the summer. Turn the thermostat up one degree for the air conditioning and run whole house fans and ceiling fans to create additional air movement. These small steps can result in tremendous savings.
  • Consider using a slow cooker for meals instead of running the oven for extended periods of time. Slow cookers consume far less energy than ovens Check out the great deals offered by Groupon coupons and enjoy the selection of slow cookers at BassPro.
  • Have your roof inspected on the exterior and from the attic. Check on the quality and density of insulation. Heat escaping through the rood is equivalent to heating the great outdoors. Call in a roofing expert for this evaluation and eventual insulation installation.
  • Change the filters in your air return vents every three months. Build-up of dust and debris hampers air flow and as a result forces your HVAC system to work harder. Vacuum area around the filters and replace filters.
  • If you have a crawl space or basement, keep the vents open to allow air to circulate and prevent moisture from accumulating. Moisture can seriously damage HVAC systems.

Following these simple steps can save a bundle in energy costs. It will also address any major deferred maintenance items that are looming. Enjoy your savings!


Wind Turbines in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is now home to wind turbines and it’s quite an unusual sight. To be honest, a lot of people were sceptical of these turbines and still are, simply because they’re worried on the impact on the land. However, wind turbines are providing more energy and cleaner energy too. That has really allowed millions get better energy without putting any more strain on the planet. It’s something as energy costs are very expensive and the impact on the environment is far too great. However, are wind turbines in Nova Scotia viable and why should people get onboard with them?

Cleaner Energy

Wind energy is clean. The use of wind turbines in Nova Scotia can be a fantastic idea simply because it is reducing the overall impact on the environment. You have to remember, fossil fuels bring about carbon emissions and they are impacting the planet on a major scale; however, wind does not. That is truly one amazing reason why wind turbines are highly used and why they are so greatly loved. Being able to bring cleaner energy helps in many ways and it’s going to be vastly sought after as the years roll by. Fewer greenhouse gasses mean a cleaner planet.

Hundreds of Homes Can Be Powered

Despite what you might think, it takes only two and a half thousand tonnes of wind energy to actually power four hundred homes which is an amazing feat. You might think it’s a big number but you are powering hundreds of homes so you’re making it go further. That is another big reason as to why wind turbines are so vastly used today. They can do so much without putting additional strain on the energy needs or planet. Being able to power hundreds of homes with little energy amounts can be very impressive.Get some details at

Renewable Energy

It’s important to remember that wind energy is renewable. Wind turbines are renewable sources of energy and that is a crucial factor to remember. When you have a great renewable source of energy you are putting less strain on the planet and indeed helping to find a better source. This is a far better route to take than having to rely on a dwindling supply of energy like fossil fuels.


wind cleanerEnergy such as wind is a lot more affordable than you might think. Maybe once, energy costs were extremely high but with wind turbines becoming a big factor, they’re very much affordable. That is helping families everywhere and it’s something that is helping to keep things on the practical side too. Affordability is what people want and more importantly need today.

Use the Best Source of Energy

Despite what you might think, wind turbines are such a useful source today. You not only get a useful way to power homes and offices but ensure it’s a cleaner and safer method. There has never been a better time to opt for wind turbines and having wind turbines in Nova Scotia can be such a wonderful idea. Use clean energy today—wind can power your home.

Types of Clean Energy

We have put a great strain on the planet. With electric use now at its peak, there is such pressure on Earth that something has to give. Energy is costing too much and there is a terrible impact on the environment too and if something isn’t done now, there won’t be time to fix the damage already done. However, what types of clean energy are there, if any? Read on to find out more.

Solar Energy

For the last five or six years, people have been taking solar energy seriously and it’s about time too. Solar energy (sunlight from the sun) can, in fact, be used to help generate electricity and energy for homes, businesses, and everyday goods. What’s more, you can easily install solar energy panels onto the roof of your home and use the energy from them to power your home. The energy can be stored so that when it’s needed it’s available and while installation can often be a costly procedure it’s very cost-effective in the long-term. This is certainly something in which thousands are turning to currently and millions more will follow suit. In fact, this is fast taking over many energy resources and its clean energy as well so less impact on the planet.Read page from

Wind Energy Sources

A lot of people haven’t heard of wind being used as an energy source but it truly is one of the great options anyone has today. This is a clean energy source and it’s something which literally helps the planet from natural sources. There are many wind farms and turbines being set up globally and more are getting energy from these resources which are proving popular. It’s not hard to see why though as more and more want to consume less energy and impact the earth and environment.

Hydro Energy

cleaner energyHydrogen is a great energy source and while many might not see this as an option, it’s certain something to consider. Hydrogen has become one of the easily obtained elements today and while it’s not a natural gas, it can be combined with oxygen. It can be easily turned into electricity or even fuel and it’s a clean energy source. This is something which more and more is becoming aware of and they really like the idea to say the least. While you might not think too much about it now, it will soon become a great alternative and one that more use.

Clean Energy

Having more types of clean energy available is truly spectacular. Being able to reduce the impact on the environment even slightly is a good thing and within the upcoming years, more people will use it. That really helps to keep the planet fighting fit and you will love how all energy sources offer the same final results. Just because you use wind or solar energy, you will still be able to light your homes in the same manner. Clean energy will make all the difference and you should give it a lot of consideration if only to help ensure the planet stays strong.

Energy Options

Have you ever thought about the impact the energy options you choose can have on the environment? Over the course of the last few years, finding renewable energy can indeed be crucial and something that thousands want to use each and every day. In truth, some energy sources are not good enough in terms of renewable and it is putting a massive pressure on the planet. Fossil fuels might have been the number one energy source at one point but now everyone wants a more effective way to light their homes and fuel their cars. So, what energy options do you have and which is the one for you?

Fossil Fuels

As said above, fossil fuels are truly amongst the most use sources of energy. Now, while people are looking for an alternative energy option, this still remains highly used and sought after. The reason why is simply because it was once the easiest source of energy to use and it was a lot cheaper and easier than many other options as well. However, over the years, rising costs and dwindling resources have forced many to look at other alternatives. It does have such a big impact on the environment though and it’s doing a lot of damage to say the least.Checkout more tips from

Wind Turbines

There is a lot of energy to come from such things as wind and wind turbines and wind farms have really become popular. Wind turbines really do offer such a useful and versatile form of energy and it’s cleaner and easier to use than say fossil fuels. What’s more, since wind can be converted into energy, and there are a lot of windy days, there is quite an endless stream of energy to use. That is one of the reasons why wind is vastly used as an energy option. However, it is also cheaper and a great alternative.

Solar Power

cleanerThe sun can, in fact, be used as a source of energy. If you want another energy option, the sun or sunlight can be used. Solar energy generates electricity which can heat a home, provide lighting and indeed hot water. Within the last few years, more and more have looked at the sun to provide them with a renewable source of energy. This has become extremely popular over the last few years and it’s not hard to see why. It can be a less costly way to heat a home and certainly one that offers a lot of quality to say the least.Read review here!

Better Sources of Energy Is Needed

Yes, we have wind turbines and farms, as well as solar power to help offer a suitable alternative to energy and if they have less impact on the planet than fossil fuel that is great! Being able to keep the planet healthy and happy for longer is a must and you really should think about exploring the different energy options available to you today. There are many good options available and you can find they offer a unique way to heat a home today.